Creating the perfect outdoor entertaining area

At Renxtend, we understand how important outdoor living is for our clients.

We assist our clients in designing and creating an outdoor space that makes the best use of the area, creates a cohesive indoor/outdoor feeling, incorporates their personal character and includes elements that will allow them to use the area for their desired activities.

With the warmer months coming, it is time to shake off the hibernation and embrace the warmer weather.

Here are 5 tips to create an outdoor area that is perfect for you and your family:

1. Seamless indoor/outdoor area design.
We create outdoor areas with a natural flow from inside, so you and your guests feel free to roam both spaces. By doing this we create connection to the natural environment with some protection from the outdoor elements.

2. Protection and shade.
Entertaining outdoors in Australia requires sufficient shade provisions. We love an open Alfresco design, creating permanent protection from the sun and elements, but open enough to feel the air flow and light. You can also bring the outside in through the use of greenery and large plants, creating a stunning oasis.

3. Privacy.
There is nothing worse than celebrating outdoors with your neighbors having a birds eye view. Before creating an outdoor space, we consider the position and elevation in terms of neighbors and people being able to look in. We have solutions like greenery walls and privacy screens that can create privacy and add an element of style. The sliding screens can also assist to block out wind, sun and rain when required.

4. Inject your personal style.
Creating an outdoor area that you want to spend time in is important. We love when our clients want to add some colour, greenery or specific lighting solutions to bring in their personal style. It is also an indication on how they will use the space with their family and friends.

5. Consider how you will use the space.
We assist our clients from he start to create a space that is very usable. We consider the placement of the bbq, will there be an outdoor fridge or a games area and the best locations for these elements in regards to the indoor space and any pool or other outdoor structure or space that will be used in conjunction with the area.

If you want the perfect outdoor escape to enjoy Summer in Australia, get intouch with our team!