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House renovations are important in extending the beauty, functionality and space in your home.

However it is not without its challenges and you should always give due consideration to who you decide to award the home renovation job to. Thus it always a good idea to engage a professional house renovation company like Renxtend in Sydney who have years of experience and expertise in the field.

“Renxtend is your one-stop renovation specialist and we are experts in building designs, house extensions, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations and more.”

Having a proper house design with all the technical specifications in place is an important part of undertaking a house extension as it gives the construction team a solid framework to follow. Our designers will help you draft plans for all your renovation needs whether it is for bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations to make your home more comfortable, safe and functional.

Although bathroom renovations in Sydney are not something new, the engineering and construction techniques have changed drastically over the years. The situation is similar to kitchen renovations and that is why Renxtend constantly stays up to date with all the latest methods, equipment and software design tools available to the house renovation industry.

Our design and estimation systems are advanced enough to allow us to complete renovation tasks faster without wastage and hidden costs. We are among the few house renovation specialists in Sydney that offer this level of service as we have qualified engineers and experienced tradesmen in our team. These professionals will help you at every step of building design process and will listen to your requirements and plan the project around it. It’s our commitment to your satisfaction that few can match.

Call us today for all your bathroom renovation needs. We are builders with a bold difference.

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