10 things to consider before getting a new pool

Making the decision to get a new pool is very exciting, but you need to make sure you think about why you want an in ground swimming pool before getting started as it is a major investment that can really pay off if done right!

Planning, building, and maintaining a swimming pool is not a whim or keeping-up-with-the-Joneses kind of purchase. It dramatically alters the landscape of your outdoor living space. It can be a lifestyle change, albeit a positive one: more entertaining, more fun with your family, more exercise.

Consider the below questions before taking the plunge?

One. Why do I want a pool?

Meet with your partner and family and consider all the pros and cons. The cost, the interruption in construction phase, change in backyard space/usage, the parties, the exercise, the family time and the fun. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Two. What will I use it for?

Determine who in your household will use the pool, and what it will be used for.Is it for exercise, therapeutic reasons, for the kids, for entertaining or creating memories with friends.

Three. What type of pool do i want?

This is the fun part! There are so many pool aesthetics to choose from. This is one of the fun aspects of the project, it’s like going “pool shopping”. Do your research, find inspo and decide on a pool theme. Check out pools online, in magazines and even go to an expo.

Four. What size and shape pool will work for my space?

If you have heaps of space (lucky you), your biggest decision is where the pool will be located. Consider sun, shade and surrounding trees and buildings. For those of us with smaller lots, it may take some creativity, special design and compromise to make a swimming pool or spa work for your outdoor space.

Five. What is my budget?

Work out your budget. How are you financing it, savings, finance, line of credit or family inheritance. As with any home addition, allow for it to cost more than you anticipated or have calculated.

Six. Maintenance: Me or a professional pool expert?

Ah, maintenance. Heaters, chlorine, bromine, pumps, pool cleaners, the list of chores is endless. Are you up for the time commitment and monthly costs of maintaining your pool? Can you afford to hire a monthly pool maintenance service to do the dirty work for you? Research local rates and get smart about all that’s entailed in maintaining a swimming pool, spa or hot tub.

Seven. Will adding a pool add value to my home?

The easy answer is yes. But be sure to think about the costs of building, maintaining, fixing, and upgrading that may be required over the life of your pool.

Eight. Will i be living here forever?

Consider long term plans before installing a pool. Will you be living in the same house with the same yard and continue to enjoy the benefits of that pool for years to come?

Nine. When do i ideally want the pool to be ready to swim in?

Be realistic about how long it will take to build or install your pool, and discuss with potential contractors which months will be optimal for construction.Everyone wants a pool by Summer, so get in early and talk to pool contractors about turnaround estimates so you have the best chance of achieving this.

Ten. Would you be happy swimming at the local pool?

If you want to build a pool as you love to swim and relax, it could be an option to take advantage of your local community pool.

After thinking of the range of questions above, if you are still keen on getting your own pool – how exciting!

Just be sure to do your research, find the right pool builder, talk to a few, read reviews and look at past projects to find the perfect fit for you.

If you would like to discuss a new pool with the Renxtend team, please get intouch!